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Teen Acting Agent

Teen actors who are serious about a career in show business should be serious about obtaining the services of a professional teen acting agent. Exactly what does an acting agent for teens do? They find teen actors work. Age'nts negotiate the job contracts and serve as employment agents, connecting teen actors with paying clients that represent companies and products. Typical clients of acting agents for teens and teen talent management might have would be clothing companies, make-up manufacturers, retail stores and catalog companies.

A Teen acting agent can work for a teen talent management agency or they might work independently. Acting agents that work at agencies earn a commission on an actor’s pay or they can work on salary. Independent acting agents for teens almost always work on commission. The commissions for both are generally between 15 and 30 percent of the teen actor’s salary for a particular job. If an agent asks for money prior to the actual job (up front payment), it is a bad sign. Llegitimate teen talent management receives pay after they find paying work for their teen actors, not before. Research your potential teen acting agent or teen talent management company before signing any contracts. Talk to other teen actors and contact the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if there are any complaints against the agent before you sign on. Teen actors can’t get work without agents. Agents can’t earn any money without actors. The relationship is a two-way affair with give and take necessary on the part of both. The agent will expect you to know what type of acting career you are seeking and will ask questions to find out more about you. You may be instructed to take training or classes in order to be more fully prepared. When you look good, your agent looks good too.

Ask potential acting agents for teens any questions you might have up front. Expect detailed explanations on how the agent or the teen talent management operates, how the commission fees work and anything else you are unclear about. You should be able to state what types of jobs are unacceptable to you without negotiation. A good teen acting agent will not hesitate to answer any and all questions you may have. If they can’t, you may want to search for a different agent or teen talent management.

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