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Teen acting is an art form. It requires a truly talented youth with the attention, dedication and resources it takes to become a working actor. Teen actors are a highly coveted bunch, and it's no secret that there are few teen actors who are truly talented enough to act along side their elder acting counterparts. That's why so many teen-roles go to older-than-18 year old actors who can look younger than they actually are.

To be successful, a young teen actor needs to be prepsared: Acting for Teens prepared with proper headshots, resumes, classes, coaching, acting technique, audition technique, and access to acting jobs, teen casting calls, acting auditions, breakdowns, and the help of acting agents, managers or both. Maybe even a publicist - but there's plenty of time for that.

Teens: How do I get started Acting for Teens? It's easy:

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  • Score valuable acting info on getting yourself plugged into the acting industry.

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    Put your name and face (photos and resume) in the hands of the people that matter most.

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